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Prevent Theft of your Solar Panels with Our Tamper-Proof Hex Screws and Locking Bolts

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Key Rex KEY-REX™ The most tamper-proof screws and bolts in existence. Depended upon by some of the most secure facilities in the world.
Presidential Seal

President Clinton Thanks Bryce

President Clinton's letter thanking Bryce Fastener for providing the world's highest security screws to protect an important solar panel array project in Haiti.

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Key-Rex Drive

Every set of Key-Rex™ screws and bolts are custom "keyed" for the client. Only the client has the bits to fit their custom set which are designed to be nearly impossible to remove without the bit.

Key-Rex Keyway

The Best with Real Loss Prevention

Bryce Solar Panel Security Screws

Bryce solar panel screws include a special "Raptor" feature under the head making it stronger and easier to install, with higher torque than any other fastener made. It also serves as an extra ground. Together with the "Key Rex" head, Bryce solar panel screws are in a class of their own.

Costly security measures such as video cameras only aid in the prosecution of those who stole your equipment. Bryce solar hardware and security fasteners help ensure your equipment stays put.

Should Have Used Bryce...

City of Atlanta Employee Steals Solar Panels

A former employee with Atlanta's Department of Watershed Management is accused of stealing tens of thousands of dollars in city equipment that he said he pawned to fuel his heroin habit. Read More

Bryce prevents theft

This situation would have been prevented with Bryce Penta-Plus or Key-Rex fasteners.

Call us today and prevent your next theft.

EACH DAY WITHOUT BRYCE IS A SECURITY GAMBLE. Every project is different and we're experts at helping customers get the perfect solution for each one. Note: Not for retail sales.

Solar panel security is a serious matter and as such, we treat it with the importance it deserves. When it comes securing your solar panels, it is imperative the hardware and screws that keep your equipment safe cannot be tampered with. One of the biggest problems is that security screws and bits are so commonplace now that anyone can walk into almost any hardware store and buy bits and drivers to fit them all. Other screw heads are designed in such a way that they can only be tightened, which makes them problematic should you ever need to remove or replace your equipment. Some “tamper-proof” screws are made to simply break off if tampered with, which ends up just leaving you with hundreds of headless screws: a serious and costly problem.

This is where Bryce Fastener comes in. From hex screws to locking bolts and everything in between, we provide actual tamper-proof security screws for your solar equipment ensuring that your solar panel security is at the highest level. Solar panel fasteners are an important aspect of solar power equipment which is why Bryce Fastener carries some of the most advanced security screws and bolts in the industry, such as:

  • Keyed-Lok
  • Penta-Plus
  • Hex-Pin
  • Tam-6lobe

When it comes to the securing your solar panels, don’t rely just any bolt and lock system from a hardware store. Protect your investment with high-quality, tamper-proof security screws, hex screws and locking bolts from Bryce Fastener. We pride ourselves on being able to provide the solution to your needs, so if you don’t see exactly what you need, don’t fret! Whatever you may need for your project, we can design and manufacture the perfect security fastener for you. Contact us today at 1-800-558-1082 to ask us about your project!


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