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Security Screws for Rack Systems & More

We proudly provide secure, high quality fasteners for all sorts of solar applications.

Rack System Security Applications

Preventing solar panel theft means proper security to the racking system and to the foundation. We recommend replacing all screws, nuts and bolts in the system with Bryce fasteners to remove any outside threat, then securing the bits as you would the keys to your facility to remove any potential internal threat. Key Rex™ screws have a custom keyway unique to each customer and the keyway is licensed and private. This means each screw is like an individual lock. When ordered with the optional Raptor™ claw grip under the head, the screw will handle 20% more torque giving it grip that goes beyond any other security bolts or screws available and making it nearly impervious to all common tools. This means that without the bit, removing the screw is nearly impossible. So you can rest assured your equipment will be there tomorrow.

Until the Key Rex, securing solar arrays from theft has been costly and nearly impossible proposition. Most arrays in place today are left vulnerable to theft. Other security screw bits are commonplace and easily purchased at any hardware store, making them ineffective. Even arrays with high-cost auxiliary security equipment in place such as cameras and fencing aren't secure. Fencing rarely stops individuals set on stealing solar equipment and cameras only aid in prosecuting individuals if they get caught.

Securing your system does not have to be overwhelming anymore. Real security starts by adding Key-Rex™ screws to your solar racks which almost completely eliminates the odds of loss due to theft.

Solar Applications for preventing solar panel theft

Copper Wire Protection

With record level copper prices, the wire connecting your panels has become as tempting to thieves as the panels themselves. It's complicated enough just setting up the wiring since every project is different, but add the fact that copper has a higher rate of theft than solar panels and you're left with one disheartening situation.

You can alleviate your concerns by choosing Bryce Fastener's Key Rex™ security fasteners to ensure that your panels stay connected. The Key Rex™ offers up to 20% more torque than standard security fasteners and acts like a lock on your wire boxes. No matter how your cabling is designed or installed, Bryce can provide any size or type of fastener needed to get the job done.

Have Unique Needs?

Bryce designs and manufactures security fasteners for any purpose and has the ability to make any kind of fastener you may need for your project. Call us and we'll develop a solution to your problem.


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